Thornbury Session

by Nelson Walkom

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Thornbury Session EP - 2017
Nelson Walkom: Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron, Harmonica.
Simon Lowther: Bass
Christian Akesson: Drums

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5 & 8 Written by Nelson Walkom
Track 6: John Frusciante
Track 7: Randy Newman


released March 29, 2017

Nelson Walkom: Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron, Harmonica.
Simon Lowther: Bass
Christian Akesson: Drums



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Nelson Walkom Melbourne, Australia

Nelson Walkom is an independent multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter from Melbourne, writing and recording original songs and playing gigs around melbourne.

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Track Name: Eaten by a Shark
Eaten by a shark

Verse 1
Take me for a swim out in the sea
Well head out after dark
And maybe if we're lucky
I'll get eaten by a shark
An we wouldn't have to argue
Bout how I don't buy into

Star signs and parking Angels
Even though we've been waiting for ages
I dont see why anybody should be
Looking out for me

I dont want this to happen again
Maybe I should just fall in
Watch the bubbles rise to the surface
That way I'd be serving a purpose

Verse 2
To see us like this turns my heart to lead
It goes to my head and I consider leaving town
But Gravity is working hard on me
So I just stick around
And make pancakes the way that you showed me
The difference being they're for me only
And if I'm feeling reckless and lonely
I'll dip in my toes, tender and bony.

Coz they can sniff out the smell of a tear drop
From miles around come closer and eaves drop
I can make out the shadows in the dark
And I can't believe my luck

Chorus +
There's a lot of hungry mouths to feed
Ill taste better if you wrap me in seaweed
I'll be happy, I'll be happy indeed

Hey sea creature, it's good to meet ya
I'm here to feed ya, just wanna please ya
Don't tell me you lost your appetite coz
I don't believe ya
Look at me, I'm alive c'mon dance with me
One more time yeah
Dance with me before I change my mind
Before I change my mind

Chorus +
Track Name: Flawless Fabrication
Flawless fabrication

Verse 1
Flawless fabrication, built for pullin on strings
The props on you're stage keep breathing
You don't care about them things
Wouldn't mind if you could find it in ya
To consider me a human being
Coz I know that I've been used
And you know that you've been mean.

Verse 2
Was long enough to start me up smokin again
Short enough to feel like a joke
And I'm stealin cheese from Woolworths
Pretendin I'm not broke
I crawled out of the drain pipe and onto the stage
With a lack of control over how I behaved
And the promise of everything that I could've dreamed of
Was more than I could take

Coz that's one hell of a style
And on the surface you've got great taste but
There's something cold coursing through your veins
You must live in a horrible place.

And it's hard to wrap my head around the fact
That there's nothing I can do
I can't even drive away nah
My head gasket blew
And I wake up feelin hungry
I go and get somethin to eat
And the gravel's gonna feel good on my face
And the sun'll feel good on my feet

Chorus 2
Coz I gave you more than I should have
Yeah I liked you way to much.
I did everything within my power
To make sure we didn't lose touch

Track Name: Autonomy

Verse 1
Look at this place, what a mess
For each and every one of you I know what's best
I can tell you what you need n satisfy your greed
I'll be nice, I'll be nice, yes indeed.

Verse 2
When all is in order, when all is in place
When the tv screens have burned a hole right into your face
When you didn't read the fine print on the back of the bill
You didn't think you'd meet me,
But you will.

And I can squash your soul down to any shape I like
You'll be too pre-occupied to realise

And if you would dare to stray outta line
Off with your head, out with your mind
You're picking holes in my design
So dont complain, don't whine
This was your idea not mine
You gave your consent
When you didn't decline

Verse 3
Did I turn into something that you didn't intend
Did I turn into something you're unable to mend
You seemed indifferent and I can tell coz it shows
So I took your autonomy out from under your nose


Track Name: Animal Instincts
Animal Instincts

i cant see too far down the line anymore
in fact i can barely see my own hands
when i hold em up in front of me
and i've been alone for a long time
thinkin of places i’d rather be

Typically its quiet down here in the evening
the sparkling rays of sunshine they taste like vitamin D
and ive been down here for too long now
wondering whether jewellery suits me

cause diamond rings are for daughters and kings
they dont come along easily

and i dont know what its like to have the world at me feet
but i got a feeling its not all that its cracked up to be

and i feel like i should call her
shes been doing strange things to the beat of my heart
but i realy dont wanna bore her
my weakness is not knowing how to play my part

and i been dealing with some animal instincts
they always get the best of me

hair standing up on the back of my spine frequently
what on earth did you think my reaction would be

so keep sending me grins and slotting me in
and ill go along with this whole damn thing
i put my heart right out on the table when i let you in
and if im lucky, shell slot me in
and its just cheapening this whole damn thing

cause shes got more options than she knows what to do with
so i swallow my pride and ill try until shes through with me
Track Name: Light Switch Spring
Light Switch Spring

Verse 1
winter came and stole my heart again, left me feelin old
ive been daydreaming, ive been scheemin
bout how i could survice through the cold
while im stuck here in this big grey box so i can pay the heater man
go home to my little yellow box when the bos says i can
where all the hinges are bent from all the wind and the rain
today everybody mispronounced my name
theres ice on the windscreen, i cant see a thing
all i ever wanted was a light switch

spring spring want a light switch spring
i want a switch that i can flick and its the
spring that it brings, i want a
spring spring want a light switch spring
coz its cold and its lonely, i lost everything
spring spring want a light switch spring
i want a switch that i can flick and its the
spring that it brings, i want a
spring spring want a light switch spring
just think of all the things that spring might bring

Verse 2
when winter comes back im gonna hibernate
my hair’l stand on end and ill put on weight
but i wont be stuck in this box anymore
i’ll hide outside, the boss can close the door
coz if the cold doesnt get me then the routine will
the snow will start to fall at the top of the hill
when my fingers go numb and i cant feel a thing
all ill ever ask for is a light switch


coz im full of doubt and it’s lookin grim
oh no not winter, want sunbeams for dinner
the walls are closing in on me
the lights gettin dimmer, gonna slide
down on into the spring and
forget about all the miserable things